State Sues School Over Race-Based Scholarship Program

( – The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) is threatening legal action against a school district for promoting a race-based training program. Under the Grow Your Own Multicultural Teacher Scholarship Program (GYO), teaching staff financially contribute to a scholarship aimed at training non-white educators, who receive an additional $5,000 per year.

According to related documents, the scholarship aims to “ensure a diverse professional teaching workforce” and increase the number of teachers who “look like” their pupils. Teachers of black, Native American, Asian, and Hispanic backgrounds receive preference under the GYO.

WILL’s attorneys argue that the Beloit school district uses essential resources to carry out the “discriminatory” program that violates several laws, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the US Constitution.

The School District of Beloit (SDB) introduced the GYO program in 2021. In doing so, it claimed that only 16% of its teaching staff were non-white, whereas almost 70% of its students were black or a member of another minority group. District officials said the program’s ultimate aim is to turn those students into teachers and bring them back as educators to their old schools.

WILL, however, says it has created hostility toward white pupils and teachers and is among several instances of racial discrimination by the Beloit District.

For instance, WILL claims that local parents have complained about racially divisive practices, including separating white and non-white students during an art class.

The District is one of many across America accused of antagonism toward white Americans and of creating programs that advantage non-whites. In New Jersey, for example, a former assistant superintendent at Linden Public Schools sued his ex-employer for a toxic work environment in which blacks were prioritized, and Jews denigrated.

Paul Oliveira said that Linden City Mayor Derek Armstead, who promoted race-based hiring, regularly demanded to know how many black teachers were entering the district workforce and referred to Jews as “guys with big hats and curls” who intended to dominate the community.

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