State Dept. Official Quits After Biden Says US Will Support Israel

( – A State Department official has quit in protest at the Biden administration’s support of Israel. Josh Paul, who works at the State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, wrote a resignation letter saying Biden’s “lethal assistance to Israel” contradicts “the very values that we publicly espouse.”

Mr. Paul condemned the brutal attack on Israeli civilians by the terrorist group Hamas on October 7, calling it a “monstrosity of monstrosities,” but said he believes Israel’s response in declaring war on Hamas and blitzing the Gaza Strip with air raids “will only lead to more and deeper suffering for both the Israeli and the Palestinian people.” Paul concluded that he had made many “moral compromises” during the 11 years he worked at the State Department, but he had “reached the end.”

The resignation comes only days after President Biden committed $100 million in aid to the Palestinian civilians in Gaza. A White House statement said the funds will be used to provide civilians with clean water, food, hygiene, and medical care.

The President met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel to reassure him that the United States remains a firm ally and held talks with European leaders on how to contain the conflict and stop it from turning regional tensions into regional war. Biden spoke with the leaders of France, Germany, the UK, and Canada and said all had “committed to continuing close diplomatic coordination, including with key partners in the region.”

Topping the list of concerns for the President and his allies is the ongoing hostage crisis. Hamas is believed to be holding more than 100 Israeli civilians, and an Israeli military spokesman said diplomatic efforts are continuing to bring them home safely.

Peter Lerner also warned that containing the conflict may not be easy as Lebanon-based Hezbollah, a second Iran-backed terrorist group, has been attacking Israel from its northern border almost daily since the terrorist attack of October 7.

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