Spy Operation BUSTED – American Public OUTRAGED

(ConservativeSense.com) – A new Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISCO) filing was recently unsealed which reveals that the FBI used warrantless search and surveillance powers against American citizens over 278,000 times in 2021.

Many of the citizens improperly spied on during that period were participants in the Jan 6 protests as well as the riot that followed at the Capitol; BLM protesters who demonstrated and rioted in the summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd; as well as 19,000 donors to an unsuccessful congressional candidate.

The 127-page court filing dates back to April 2022 but wasn’t unsealed until Friday, May 19, over a year later.

According to Section 702 of FISA, the government may conduct surveillance targeting non-Americans abroad in order to obtain foreign intelligence, but the FBI takes over any cases where a U.S. citizen is flagged as part of an investigation.

A senior official said that FBI Director Christopher Wray considers the errors “completely unacceptable” and that the Bureau “changed its querying procedures” to stop future errors and to make sure procedures are in line with Section 702. The senior official also said that the FBI is “committed to continuing this work” to provide more “transparency into the process” in order to earn back the trust of the American people.

FBI Director Wray was recently blasted by GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia in response to the Durham report. Last week, she introduced articles of impeachment against Wray.

U.S. citizens are losing faith in the FBI in record numbers, and their suspicions are only being confirmed as multiple whistleblowers have come forward from within the Bureau condemning its actions and accusing the organization of being weaponized against the very citizens the agents have sworn to protect. These whistleblowers have also faced retaliation from the FBI for speaking out.

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