Special “Rules” ERASED – Government Says Enough!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Butler County in Pennsylvania has rescinded its sanctuary status amid a growing Fentanyl crisis. The county prison board approved the change unanimously in the hopes this will help to stem the flow of the lethal drug into the state.

The County District Attorney Richard Goldinger said, “That stuff has not come from citizens that are making Fentanyl in Butler County. It’s being brought here.” The county joins a growing number of American cities and states starting to reconsider their sanctuary status as the reality of accommodating large numbers of migrants hits home.

Sanctuary status essentially means that local government agencies will not cooperate with federal immigration officials and will protect illegal aliens from deportation. Such areas have attracted large numbers of migrants and a variety of problems, including drugs. In mid-February, even liberal San Francisco began reconsidering the wisdom of the policy – also thanks to Fentanyl.

A Democratic member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors said it was time for his city to withdraw its protection of Fentanyl-peddling illegal immigrants on the city’s streets. Matt Dorsey replicated the about-turn of his fellow Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, who has said his state would “break” under the pressure of more immigration. 

Democrats insist Fentanyl is coming into the US via ports of entry, but some Republicans have blamed the crisis on the leaking southern border. GOP Congress Members could be heard heckling the President when he mentioned the issue in his State of the Union Speech this year. During his speech, Biden did not mention the role of China in the US epidemic that is killing thousands of Americans every year.

Fentanyl is an opioid that is manufactured in South America using chemicals primarily imported from China. It is extremely potent and a small number of grains can kill an adult. Overdose of this drug is the number one cause of death among Americans aged 18 – 45. More than 70% of drug deaths in the United States now involve Fentanyl. 

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