Speaker Johnson Pushes To Couple Ukraine Aid With Funding For US Border

(ConservativeSense.com) – On Sunday, Louisiana House Speaker Mike Johnson remarked on “Fox News Sunday” that it made sense to offer funding for the U.S.-Mexico border with Ukraine assistance. Johnson said we must first secure our borders.

On Saturday, some Democrats claimed Republicans cannot pass their extreme, inhumane immigration agenda through Congress, so they’re trying to circumvent Congress and capitalize off the two wars to pass it.

Speaker Johnson told Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday” that it is about pushing the American people’s agenda and top priorities. The American people prioritize border security. People understand that if we want to secure Ukraine’s border, we must first safeguard our own.

Johnson said there is a growing agreement in Congress, especially among Republicans, that things must change. Over 6.3 million illegal alien border crossings have occurred since President Biden entered office.

The speaker said they had reached a breaking point. We will put an end to human trafficking, fentanyl coming across the border, and the gangs earning billions off our backs.

He said that he has been working on stop-gap legislation over the weekend because not all the spending bills would be finalized by the November 17 deadline. The $14.5 billion measure is being criticized because House Republicans worked to act as effective managers of the taxpayers’ resources by balancing the expenditure rather than creating extra money via printing or borrowing.

He advocates redirecting the over $67 billion set aside to strengthen the IRS to finance Israel’s defense instead.

On Tuesday, Democrats in the U.S. Senate stopped a Republican attempt to speed through a measure giving emergency help to Israel that had already cleared through the House the previous week. However, the law offers no support for Ukraine’s battle against Russia. 

Biden was expected to veto the bill, according to the White House.

The Senate’s top lawmakers are working on their own emergency financing legislation and intend to put it forward this week.

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