Sinema’s Side-Eye – Migrant Funding Raises Arizona Heat

( – Independent Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is not happy that New York City is receiving federal funding to house migrants while border states aren’t being helped as the crisis continues to impact and divide the entire nation.

Sinema is one of very few who has walked away from the Democratic Party as an independent rather than switching to the GOP, and her issues with her former party include dissatisfaction with the way the migrant crisis is being handled by the Biden administration.

The Senator spoke at an event in Yuma and explained to her fellow Arizonans that their state and Texas are being hit the hardest by the border crisis, even though it is impacting the entire country. Sinema said what Arizona is experiencing is only matched by “what folks are experiencing in southern Texas.”

She insisted that although “some elements” of the crisis are being seen by the rest of the country, the southern parts of Texas and Arizona are “facing the brunt” of it. Because of this, she feels it’s “wrong and unfair” that “money is going to places other than these areas” right now.

Sinema was referring to the $104.6 million the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) just agreed to give New York City to help care for the 56,000 migrants who remain in the city’s care.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been pleading with the federal government for over a year to step in and help the Big Apple contend with the influx of migrants putting a strain on city resources. Many of the migrants arriving in New York City and other cities across the U.S. are also being sent there on buses by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, which is part of the reason mayors in Blue State cities feel entitled to the money over the Lone Star State.

Sinema argues New York City is not qualified to receive the money because it’s from the Shelter and Services Program, which is supposed to support “decompression at the border.” She said she is “livid” and will continue “to fight this.”

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