Shots FIRED – Tensions Reach FEVER PITCH

( – Now that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is officially on the presidential campaign trail, he’s less averse to dishing out criticism to former President Donald Trump, who’s been criticizing DeSantis heavily since last year. The governor of the Sunshine State recently took shots at Trump for how he handled the crisis on the southern border during Trump’s first term.

In an interview with Bill Melugin on Fox News, DeSantis dismissed the recent pledge by Trump to execute “the largest wave of mass deportations” in the country’s history as blowing smoke. He told Melugin that Trump made the same promise in 2016, yet he “didn’t do it.”

DeSantis went on to say he thinks his administration “would be much more assertive” than Trump was during his first term. Melugin asked DeSantis if he would go through with mass deportations, which Trump promised yet failed to deliver. The Florida governor answered in the affirmative, stating that there would “be a firm and swift consequence to violating the law.”

DeSantis also promised that he would end the policy of “catch-and-release” as part of his plan to secure the border, as well as try to “end birthright citizenship” and build a wall on the border. A border wall is perhaps Trump’s most iconic campaign promise, which he said he would make Mexico pay for but also failed to fulfill throughout his presidency.

Taking an even more daring position, DeSantis also boldly threatened military action if the government of Mexico failed to take any more steps to mitigate the influx of migrants over the border. His campaign said if Mexico’s government “won’t stop cartel drug manufacturing,” then DeSantis would devote “resources to the Navy and the Coast Guard” and also prevent “precursor chemicals” used to manufacture narcotics from being imported into Mexico.

The campaign statement said that as president, DeSantis would be willing “to operate across the border [on Mexican soil] to secure [United States] territory” from the cartels.

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