Sheriff NO LONGER Required – Purchase Rules Changed!

( – The Republican-controlled legislature overrode North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto on Wednesday allowing state residents to purchase a handgun without obtaining a permit from local sheriffs.

The bill, which strikes down the requirements of sheriffs to conduct character evaluations and background checks of those applying for a pistol permit, was passed by the House with a 71-46 vote in favor, overriding the governor’s veto. The real will take effect immediately, but Cooper and fellow Democrat lawmakers believe it will only allow more dangerous people access to weapons in private sales as well as limit the ability of law enforcement to prevent violent crimes.

Supporters of the bill cite recent updates to the system of national background checks as one of the reasons sheriffs should no longer be required to administer the local screening process, and that such a system was ineffective at stopping criminals from getting their hands on guns anyway. Purchasers of pistols from federally licensed dealers must still undergo a national background check as well as obtain a concealed carry permit.

House Speaker Tim Moore, a Republican from Cleveland County, presided over the chamber during the vote. He said the bill’s provisions were “long-standing goals of Second Amendment advocates in [North Carolina], and we have finally brought this legislation over the finish line.” Meanwhile, a liberal political group, Carolina Forward, tweeted their disapproval after the vote, calling to raise funds in order to hold representatives who passed it accountable.

House Minority Leader Robert Reives called the decision “tone deaf” and “disturbing” as it comes on the heels of a mass shooting in Nashville on Monday in which three children and three staff members were murdered at a private Christian school by a trans-identifying woman.

Tweeting after the vote that any arguments in favor of his veto would have been “too compelling” for the House leadership to hear, Gov. Cooper criticized their decision, claiming they are putting “communities at risk” by “allowing known domestic abusers and mentally ill people to buy handguns.”

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