Sharpton Calls Migrant Crisis ‘Invasion’

( – In a surprising move from someone on the political left, Al Sharpton described the surge of illegal immigrants coming over the southern border as an “invasion.”

The Baptist minister and longtime social justice activist commented on the border and immigration crisis during an interview with Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Sharpton asked Murphy what efforts are being made to get people to “rise up” across the country and tell their senators they want to see the “issue resolved.” He then noted the recent incident in New York City where a mob of illegal immigrants assaulted two police officers and said that the influx of new arrivals “all over the country” is outraging Americans.

He also asked the senator if “some kind of public pressure” could be put on the Senate, the members of which he reminded Murphy inevitably “have to deal with their voters.” Sharpton then mentioned the heavily debated national security spending bill, which would give money to foreign conflicts as an “invasion of migrants” continues at the border, accusing Congress of playing political games.

The use of the word “invasion” by Sharpton puts him closer in alignment with Republicans and former President Donald Trump on this issue, who frequently use the same description, which The Washington Post is calling “dehumanizing” language. At a Nevada campaign event in December, Trump said the situation at the border “is like a military invasion.”

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott recently defied the Supreme Court with the same argument, claiming that because the federal government has failed to stop the invasion, his state has a right to defend itself. To take pressure off of border towns in his state, Abbott has also sent over 100,000 out of Texas and into so-called “sanctuary cities.” Such cities, like Chicago and New York, have been struggling to adjust to the new arrivals, who’ve put a massive strain on resources.

Roger Stone, a controversial figure and former advisor to Trump, shared the MSNBC clip on Twitter and said that when someone like Sharpton is calling the immigration crisis “an invasion,” it’s clear that America has “a problem” at the border and “things have really gotten serious.”

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