Shadows LOOM LARGE over Trump’s Run

( – Journalists and commentators are predicting that Donald Trump’s legal woes will dominate his 2024 White House election campaign. Some also expect they will be center stage in all debates, regardless of whether Mr. Trump is present. Svante Myrick, president of the People for the American Way, a left-leaning advocacy group, said Trump had caused a considerable problem for Republican candidates, who will be called upon in each debate to declare their position on the many indictments facing the former President.

Others argue, however, that an unequal justice system is taking center stage, and Mr. Trump is a victim of that unequal system. A leaked memo from the Ron DeSantis campaign suggests the Republican should defend Trump and attack the media. DeSantis was also advised to hit Vivek Ramaswamy “with a sledgehammer.”

Ramaswamy is emerging as a strong contender among conservatives thanks to his unapologetic pro-America stance and clear position on several key issues. Crucially, he is a staunch defender of Trump and has stated unequivocally that he would pardon the former president should he reach the Oval Office.

In some polls, Ramaswamy is now outranking Ron DeSantis. In a Rasmussen Reports survey dated August 19, the businessman is on 24%, while the Floridian Governor trails behind on 23%. Donald Trump continues to dominate at 49%.

A Morning Consult poll for the same period sees DeSantis at 14%, Ramaswamy at 10%, and Trump at 58%. Some commentators have suggested that Ramaswamy is better at connecting with voters and has a better personality than DeSantis, who has been criticized for being too aloof and focusing on negatives, whereas Ramaswamy is more positive and upbeat.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump refused to participate in the first Republican primary debate in Milwaukee, opting for an interview with Tucker Carlson instead. The first two debates are sponsored by Fox News, and as a result of Trump’s refusal, his team was banned from attending, signaling a further deterioration of the already fractured relationship between Fox and Trump.

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