Senator Slams Biden’s Lack Of Concern for Secure Border

( – Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) said on December 8 that President Biden would rather use American funds to fund the conflict in Ukraine than to strengthen the country’s southern border.

On December 6, Republicans in the Senate attempted to force President Biden to implement changes to U.S. border policy by blocking the progress of a wartime financing measure of $110 billion for Israel and Ukraine, among other national security concerns.

During Biden’s administration, 10 million individuals allegedly crossed the border illegally, according to Marshall. Although the U.S. is capable of securing the border, Biden insists on funding Ukraine. But 500,000 people have been injured and 200,000 have died in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This past year, he said, had been a deadlock.

At the same time, according to Marshall, every single state is now considered a border state because of Biden’s policies.

According to the senator from Kansas, fentanyl overdoses claim one life daily in his state. And every day, Narcan is administered to ten to twenty Kansans to reverse the effects of fentanyl. Kansas is also seeing an explosion in human trafficking.

Biden says that he favors additional resources for border security. In order to repair the flawed border system, the President says he is prepared to make substantial concessions. At the same time, Biden accuses Republicans of pushing a partisan issue instead of working toward bipartisan compromise.

According to the President, Republicans believe they can achieve their goals without reaching a deal with Democrats. Moreover, they are now prepared to jeopardize national security by actively harming Ukraine on the battlefield, in Biden’s view.

However, due to the current state of affairs on Capitol Hill, the White House has reduced its optimism for the timely passage of a financing bill for Ukraine. During a press conference at the White House, reporters asked John Kirby whether the administration could guarantee Ukraine more cash, and Kirby replied that they’re unable to do so at this time due to the current political climate.

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