Senator Claims Fraud Case Is Part of ‘Systemic Effort to Destroy Donald Trump’

( – Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina appeared on “Hannity” on Monday and said that the civil lawsuit brought against former President Donald Trump by New York Attorney General Letitia James is part of a larger “systematic effort to destroy” Trump.

Graham told host Sean Hannity that the legal attacks on Trump are “a systematic effort to destroy” him “as a political person.” According to the senator, Trump’s only crime was being “a good conservative president.” Graham said he’s “never seen hatred toward a political figure” the way he has against Trump and that the “left will do anything” to keep him out of the White House, including “ruin his life.”

Graham was, overall, optimistic. He added that there’s “good news” for those who are conservatives, which is that “it’s not working.”

In the $250,000,000 civil lawsuit brought against Trump by James, the former president and two of his sons are being charged with defrauding banks and insurers by overvaluing properties. Trump himself, before going into court a second day, told the press that James’ information was incorrect, noting that she claimed his Florida Mar-a-Lago estate is worth $18 when it’s closer to $1.5 billion.

Hannity replied, noting that the banks and insurance companies got paid and that their contracts usually require them “to do their own fiscal valuations” rather than “take the word” of someone trying to borrow such substantial amounts of money.

Graham said the judge ruled that Trump “committed fraud” when “nobody got defrauded” and mistakenly believed Trump’s Florida home was worth $18 million. The judge disputed this claim and said a local official in Palm Beach County gave this valuation.

Graham called the case “a friggin’ joke.” He then called on voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina to vote for Trump. Trump remains the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, leagues ahead of the other candidates, despite every effort to disrupt or knock him out of the race.

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