Secrets KEPT – Violence Reaches FEVER Pitch

( – After the Nashville school shooting in March, it seems that 2023 may be a turning point in the so-called “culture war” regarding the issue of transgenderism as things shift into looking more like a holy war by radical activists.

On March 27, Audrey Hale shot her way into a Christian elementary school and killed nine people in Nashville, TN, six of whom were just nine years old. It is known that Hale wrote a manifesto, and to this day it still has not been released, leaving Americans wondering what exactly motivated the horrific massacre.

What is known is that Hale identified as transgender, a fact downplayed by most of the mainstream media. Earlier this month, a trans-identifying man fatally stabbed his father, which was also generally ignored, and the “gender identity” of the killer was downplayed.

The increase in violent and threatening responses from such groups and individuals is palpable, especially toward people who speak out in opposition to gender ideology, and it’s not just happening in the United States, but across the West.

Two weeks prior to Hale’s targeted killing spree, a British Muslim woman was threatened into retracting her criticism of trans influencer Jeffrey Marsh when radical trans activists responded to her viral video by finding out what school she brings her kids to and threatening them, too.

March 25, two days before Hale fired her shots, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, who used to go by the alias Posie Parker, was prevented from speaking at an event in New Zealand, had tomato sauces dumped on her head, and then chased out of the country by an angry mob.

The week after Hale killed nine people, a violent trans-identifying man attacked conservative Canadian activist Chris Elston, who goes by Billboard Chris. The man screamed in Elston’s ear repeatedly and when Chris, who was surrounded, tried to get out, he was grabbed by the neck and then knocked down.

The controversy surrounding gender ideology and transgender identity appears to only be heating up, and some politicians are beginning to push back with legislation.

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