School District Uses Drones to Protect Children

( – The Philadelphia school district will employ drones to protect children from violence. Chief of School Safety Kevin Bethel announced on August 30 that the 150 analog security cameras throughout the district would be upgraded to digital, and drones would be added to the surveillance arsenal. Mr. Bethel said authorities are “looking into expanding the use of drones to patrol violence-prone areas without the need for police on the ground.”

Horrifying statistics reveal that 200 young people were shot in Philadelphia in 2022, with 33 fatalities and 18 gun finds in the city’s schools. In response, city and school officials met last August to outline their plans and programs to keep school kids safe. Kevin Bethel said there would be an increased police presence, “safe paths” programs in which residents will patrol the schools as pupils arrive and leave, “threat assessment” teams would expand, and the number of safety officers at schools would increase.

Overall, crime is surging in Philadelphia. Last year, robbery was up by 60% on the year before, rape was up 25%, and shootings increased by 3%. The City of Brotherly Love is one of America’s most violent, and District Attorney Larry Krasner is one of many left-wing DAs routinely accused of going soft on crime.

When a 62-year-old Navy vet walked his dog in the Brewerytown neighborhood in August, he was attacked and needed 100 stitches across his face. Harris said that his attacker may have come from a “flash mob party” at a nearby park. “The police said our hands are tied; we’re not allowed to interfere for fear of escalation,” he said.

DA Krasner is a self-described “progressive prosecutor,” and Republicans in the state legislature filed articles of impeachment against him last year for dereliction of duty. The GOP-led Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order subpoenaed documents from Krasner, which he did not supply. Accused of misbehavior in office, the Commonwealth Court ruled in the DA’s favor.

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