SC Justice Blames Wife In New Flag Scandal

( – Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has come under fire after it was discovered that his home in Alexandria, Virginia, flew an inverted American flag in the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s presidential win in 2021.

A photo of the upside-down flag was first reported on and posted by the New York Times, which also showed a sign saying “Stop the Steal”. Both the inverted flag and the “Stop the Steal” slogan were adapted by former president Donald Trump and his supporters, who up to this day claim that President Biden and the Democrats cheated their way into power during the 2020 elections.

In response to the criticism, Justice Alito thrust the blame on the incident on his wife, saying that he “had no involvement whatsoever” and had no knowledge of the matter until after the fact. He also said that the flag was displayed upside-down only “briefly.”

According to the Supreme Court justice, his wife decided to invert the U.S. flag after neighbors started putting up insulting and anti-Trump signs – such as those saying “**** Trump” on their own property. He also said that when confronted, one of his neighbors called his wife a ****. In response, Alito said, his spouse decided to put up the flag in reverse.

However, the incident has prompted a number of Democrats to push that Alito remove himself from proceedings and deliberations in the Supreme Court that are set to decide on Trump’s claim that he enjoys some form of presidential immunity of acts he committed during his presidency. The decision of the country’s highest court on this matter is of particular importance to one of Trump’s pending suits – related to his actions during the January 6, 2021 riots at the Capitol, where prosecutors allege that Trump’s actions constitute election interference.

Democratic Georgia Representative Hank Johnson, who is a member of the House’s Judiciary Committee, said that Justice Alito, along with fellow SC Justice Clarence Thomas, were “MAGA kindred spirits,” and had “obvious bias” in favor of the former president.

Democrat Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, who chairs the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, went a step further, saying that Alito’s actions were further proof that the legislature needs to work towards an ethics reform for the Supreme Court.

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