Santos Misses Financial Disclosure Deadline

( – Republican New York Rep. George Santos missed an important deadline on Wednesday to submit a full disclosure report of his finances after months of stalling while putting the blame on federal tax delays.

The House Ethics Committee filed for the disclosures in order to provide the public with a snapshot of Santos’s personal financial information to prevent any conflict of interest and generate trust. The disgraced congressman failed to meet his deadline this week.

Santos became a national-headline regular in 2023 after questions arose at the end of 2022 regarding his background story. False biographical claims and resume lies began to emerge, and soon a host of other strange details from the representative’s past came out, such as dressing as a drag queen and accusations of conning a veteran.

Eventually, concerns about the Santos campaign records began to come out, finally leading to an investigation by Congress, along with calls from lawmakers and citizens of both parties for the New York representative to step down from his office. Santos has refused to vacate his House seat, maintaining his innocence in the face of a 13-count indictment on money laundering charges and falsifying campaign financial records turned over to Congress.

Federal law mandates a $200 late fee penalty for missing a filing deadline, but those who fail to file or deliberately lie on their statements could get hit with $71,316. Late filings happen often, but someone rarely goes past the extended deadline, and doing so is playing with fire.

How Santos made his money before his election to Congress isn’t quite clear. He claims he worked for Wall Street, but there are no records of it. Santos also had multiple evictions on his record for not paying rent. Recently, he claimed to make money on commission helping rich people buy expensive luxury goods but gave no further details.

Santos already received an extension of 90 days in May to turn in the financial disclosure yet missed that due date last month, obtaining another grace period of 30 days. He claims he’s waiting on his 2022 tax returns before filing and didn’t want a “rushed job.”

Santos is scheduled to return to court next month.

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