San Fran Removes Historic ‘Appeal To Heaven’ Flag Outside Of City Hall

( – The City of San Francisco continues its woke cultural purge by removing a historic Revolutionary War-era flag in response to the left-wing backlash.

On Thursday, May 30, the flag was removed from outside San Francisco City Hall where it had flown for decades before leftwing activists railed against it, along with a Supreme Court justice who flew the flag outside his home. The backlash has to do with the fact that some protesters at the Jan. 6, 2021, Trump rally and subsequent riot in Washington, D.C., carried the flag during the event.

The flag in question is known as the “Appeal To Heaven” flag, a symbol that dates back to the War of Independence. The flag depicts a crudely drawn green pine tree over a white background with the words “Appeal To Heaven” above the tree. It’s supposed to symbolize the quest for freedom fought for by patriots at the time, and it has flown outside San Francisco City Hall for over 60 years. Now, city leaders have caved to activist ambitions and declared the flag as a symbol that far-right groups have co-opted, claiming it no longer represents “the city’s values.”

Major media outlets like The New York Times have pushed the narrative that the flag is linked to an “insurrection” and a campaign has emerged to pressure Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito into recusing himself from all cases related to the 2020 presidential election. They reason that because Alito once flew the “Appeal To Heaven” flag outside of his beach home, this means that he is a right-wing extremist and therefore too biased to be involved in cases related to Jan. 6 or the election.

Alito’s response to the campaign against him was noting that it was actually his wife who decided to fly the flag and that it was her constitutional right to do so.

The flag’s removal is the latest event signaling an erasure of American traditions by the radical left, who have spent the last few years attacking monuments, statues, and other historical artifacts they claim are mementos or symbols of racism and oppression.

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