Russia Refuses To Discuss Nuclear Arms Control With US While It Supports Ukraine

( – Russia is refusing to discuss regulations on nuclear arms with the United States as long as it continues to Ukraine in the ongoing war since Russia’s invasion in 2022, accusing America of trying to establish military dominance.

During a recent news conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Washington proposed separating the issue of Ukraine from nuclear arms control so that “strategic stability” talks may resume between both nations as the two largest holders of nuclear weapons. Lavrov said Russia found the proposal to be unacceptable due to the West’s continued support of Ukraine in their military efforts. The war, which started on Feb. 24, 2022, when Russia invaded the neighboring nation, is now approaching its second-year anniversary.

The fact that the two nations with the largest nuclear arsenals are no longer engaged in a dialogue on the issue is concerning as an important deadline approaches: the New START Treaty is set to expire two years from now, on Feb. 4, 2026. The accord limits the amount of strategic nuclear warheads possessed by each side.

A lapse in the treaty means no nuclear arms agreement would be in place between both superpowers, which is worrisome at a time when tensions between Russia and the US are at the highest they’ve ever been since 1962 after the Cuban missile crisis.

Lavrov said that Russia doesn’t “see the slightest interest” from the US or NATO “to settle the Ukrainian conflict” or to hear the concerns from Russia’s side. He also accused Western nations of encouraging the use of long-range weapons by Ukraine to strike deeper into Russian territory. Lavrov noted an increase in such strikes in recent weeks, one of which killed at least 25 people in Belgorod on Dec. 30, 2023.

The foreign minister described the West’s efforts as a “hybrid war” against Russia and said that as long as the current situation persists, there would be no grounds for a discussion on nuclear arms controls.

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