Russia Accuses Ukraine of Killing Civilians

( – Twenty-eight civilians, including one child, died in a missile strike from Ukraine on a restaurant, according to Russian officials.

On Saturday, Feb. 3, according to Russian officials in charge of the occupied Luhansk region of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military fired a rocket into the city of Lysychansk and hit the Adriatic Restaurant. The shell used was supplied by the United States. Inside the restaurant, there was a bakery for civilians where several were inside at the time of the blast. The blast buried them under rubble, according to a statement by Leonid Pasechnik, a Russian-appointed official.

Pasechnik confirmed that at least 28 died in the missile strike. Ten survivors were immediately rescued from beneath the debris, and four more were pulled out the following morning. Russia’s emergency ministry said the condition of all of the survivors is “extremely grave.” Nine of the deceased were women, and one was just a child.

After condemning the attack, the Russian Foreign Ministry then cited the incident as an example to the European Union (EU), warning Ukraine’s allied nations that such attacks on civilians are what their money will be used for. The EU recently approved a $54 billion (50 billion euros) aid package for Ukraine’s war effort.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, said in a statement about the rocket attack that “EU citizens should know” that their tax money is “used to buy deadly weapons systems” to send over to Ukraine for the “Kyiv regime” to kill civilians.

The blast happened during a 24-hour period of heightened combat between the two sides as the war enters its third year this month. There were reports the same day about a Ukrainian strike on a Russian oil refinery owned by Lukoil, one of Russia’s leading oil and gas companies. The strike sparked a large fire.

Russia also conducted at least 16 separate strikes along northern Ukrainian communities, which were met with counterattacks. At least one civilian died, and two were reportedly injured by Russia’s artillery fire in Toretsk.

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