Ron DeSantis To SIGN 2 More – Democrats Won’t Be Happy!

( – Republicans achieved two more legislative wins in Florida on Wednesday as Gov. Ron DeSantis approved new education reform bills resisting “woke” ideology.

One of the bills will put a stop to compelled speech by preventing teachers and students from having to use “preferred pronouns” that do not correspond to the actual gender of someone else. The other bill bans the implementation of so-called “diversity programs” in universities and colleges.

Both bills were cleared by the House and the Senate which are now dominated by Republicans in Florida, making their way to the governor’s desk. It is expected that DeSantis will sign both into law. Once the current legislative session is over, it’s expected that DeSantis will officially announce his 2024 presidential campaign for the Republican nomination, challenging former President Donald Trump.

The bill preventing students or school staff from being compelled to use specific pronouns is a direct rebellion against an ideology taking over other states that are considering civic or even criminal penalties for anyone who fails to use preferred pronouns requested by an individual who identifies as transgender or non-binary. The bill also challenges schools that books in their libraries which critics say are inappropriate for young children or even teenagers.

The second bill will ban colleges from putting state or federal funding toward the development or promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs, which the GOP argues are divisive.

So far, DeSantis and the Republicans have been on a roll this week with new legislation, passing new laws to deal with the migrant crisis as well as enabling the death penalty for child rapists.

It seems DeSantis is trying to get as much accomplished as he can before declaring his bid for the White House, although he will still be able to stay in office as governor now that lawmakers have clarified the law to clear the way for him.

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