Romney Defends Trump, Blasts Biden Over Border

( – Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah criticized President Joe Biden and the current administration’s disastrous policies on the southern border while praising former President Donald Trump’s approach to the matter when previously in office.

On Wednesday, May 15, Romney appeared on MSNBC for an interview with anchor Stephanie Ruhle. One of the issues discussed was the immigration crisis and border security, which have been major issues of concern throughout Biden’s presidency.

Romney said that “people have been screaming about the border” for the entirety of Biden’s time in office and that the president hasn’t “done anything to solve the problem.” The senator noted how the issue was a “huge” one for Trump and said he doesn’t understand why Biden didn’t “tackle [the border crisis] from the beginning.” He said that if he were Biden, he would “be all over that,” and claimed the president was serving the issue up to Trump “on a silver platter.”

Like most who support the former president, Romney recognized Trump was stronger on the border issue than Biden. He said it “was not a problem” when Trump was in office. The senator claimed that despite doing “a lot of things that sounded pretty ugly,” the immigration problem was nowhere near as bad under the former president as it is today. Romney pointed out that there are other actions Biden could have taken on the issue, but that he failed to, forcing Americans to consider another option come November.

Campaigning on the issue was one of the main reasons Trump won in 2016, especially by promising to build a border wall. Although Trump never finished the wall, he made progress on it while in office and seems to be hoping the border issue will once again propel him back into the White House perhaps to finish that wall.

Regardless of what he does or does not do, the average American seems to realize it can’t be any worse than what we have today under Biden with millions of people added to the population over the last couple of years, and a substantial amount of them illegally.

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