RNC Criticizes Biden for ‘Unaffordable’ Holiday Expenses in New Attack Ad

(ConservativeSense.com) – As the cost of living rises, so does the cost of holiday celebrations, and some in the Republican Party are also blaming this on President Joe Biden and his administration.

A new digital advertisement produced by the Republican National Committee (RNC) blames the fiscally tight holiday season on the economic policies of the Biden administration. The ad, which premiered exclusively on Fox News Digital, features recent news clips about the increasing cost of Christmas celebrations for American families.

Ronna McDaniel, the Chairwoman of the RNC, told Fox that “Bidenomics” is to blame for making “everything from Christmas trees to gifts unaffordable” for the average middle-class family. She said that as those families “struggle to stay afloat,” the RNC wants to remind them that Biden is “the real Grinch” this Christmas.

And it’s an easy place to find ammunition against Biden in the current economy. The average cost of a Christmas tree is around $80 to $100, although some can run as high as $1000. Overall, the American Christmas Tree Association says the average cost of Christmas trees has risen by 10% since last year.

Another sad statistic cited by the RNC video ad comes from a Wallethub survey in November that showed that, due to inflation, over 30% of American consumers will abstain from gift shopping this year. A fourth of those surveyed said they’re still paying off debt from their 2022 holiday season.

Voiceovers in the video also highlighted rising food costs, which “are up 20% on a two-year basis,” and that 42% of respondents “expect to pay more for holiday gifts” because of inflation. The ad appealed to voters by reminding them they’re “buying less apparel,” items for their homes, and “few toys,” and that a third of Americans are considering forgoing Christmas presents “altogether.”

Although inflation is technically down from 2022, it remains high as the Fed continues to raise interest rates to keep up. The cost of living isn’t just high during the holidays, even if that’s when the average American feels it the most, which the RNC hopes to capitalize on.

When people have food, gas, rent, and other expenses to account for during hard times, it’s little wonder the end of the year leaves them feeling too strapped for cash to shop for the holidays.

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