RFK Jr’s Border Stand – Unconventional Support for Control

(ConservativeSense.com) – Once again departing from the standard positions of the Democratic Party, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is calling for more control over the border, and his reasoning is to protect border crossers.

Kennedy posted a series of tweets on Monday explaining that wanting to strengthen the border “is not xenophobia, bigotry, or hate,” but a “humanitarian conscience.” Kennedy then called out the “ruthless criminal cartels” who have woven together drug smuggling, human trafficking, and immigration “into a multibillion-dollar business,” one that must be stopped for the sake of those being harmed by it.

Since the administration of former President Barack Obama, the Democratic Party has begun to portray border control as a form of xenophobia,” and Kennedy is very much going against the grain by trying to restore some skepticism about unlimited migration, legal or illegal.

The presidential candidate wrote that “Democrats and Republicans can agree” that “handing immigration policy to the drug cartels is unacceptable” and is resulting in a “humanitarian nightmare.” He called on both parties to work together and “take back control.” Kennedy clarified that he is “in favor of immigration,” but only if it’s done legally, in an organized manner, and “at a volume the country can absorb” that won’t put a strain on “social resources.”

Kennedy also called out the administration of President Joe Biden, whose policies he claims “greatly exacerbated the situation” at the border, which he said is “out of control” and now in the hands of the cartels rather than the U.S. government. He then made an analogy, comparing country borders to a cell membrane, which controls what goes in and out of a cell.

Vowing to “destroy the cartels’ business model,” Kennedy laid out his plan to control the border, “work with other countries” to slow migration, and “fully fund and prioritize” the necessary infrastructure to facilitate immigration that is legal and “orderly.”

He also called for more “technology and personnel” like “cameras, motion detectors, and lights,” as well as “physical barriers” when needed, and to hire “more immigration judges” so migrants receive hearings faster, which will encourage more “to pursue legal immigration.”

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