Republican Senators Demand Confidential Report on Biden’s Iran Measures

( – South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and fellow Republicans have written to senior Biden administration officials demanding a classified report on how it plans to deal with the situation in the Middle East. Scott sent the letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, as well as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, asking for details on why President Biden issued a waiver in November that allows Iran to access $10 billion despite its attacks on US personnel.

The Republicans are accusing the president of lacking a “coherent” strategy to tame the Iranian regime and prevent an escalation of war in the region. While the Department of Defense claims Iran has engineered 70 attacks on US military personnel since the attack on Israel on October 7, the US government has empowered Iran with access to billions of dollars, the letter claims.

“Such timing signals to Iran that despite attacks on US service members and our allies, it is business as normal on the economic front,” GOP Senators wrote.

In October, the White House acknowledged that the Iranian regime was facilitating attacks on US bases, with spokesman John Kirby admitting these had escalated since October 7. Kirby said Iran’s ferocious Islamic Revolutionary Guard supported the attacks while the country also continued to bankroll the designated terror groups, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh provided further detail in mid-November, saying US forces suffered 46 rocket and drone attacks between October 17 and November 9, resulting in 56 injuries to American troops. Houthi rebels in Yemen, also backed by Iran, are known to be behind some of the attacks and shot down a US MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Red Sea in November.

America has heightened its military presence in the Middle East, with extra ships, planes, personnel, and 2,000 additional troops currently on standby. The presence boost aims to offer support to Israel and act as a deterrent to Iran and its proxies.

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