Representative Mast: ‘White House Only Cares About Political Threats’

( – On Thursday, Feb. 15, Republican Rep. Brian Mast of Florida appeared on Newsmax and said he believes that the White House is unconcerned with national security threats and only with political threats to the current administration of President Joe Biden.

Mast appeared on “Wake Up America” and commented on recent remarks made by fellow Republican Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio, chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Turner warned that a certain danger to national security is becoming more and more of a “concerning issue” for lawmakers.

Turner also called on Biden to “declassify all information” about this imminent threat so the federal government and US allies “can openly discuss the actions necessary” to respond to it. Turner did not specify what, exactly, the threat was, but said that Congress were now all aware of it, that he was “focused” on meeting with Biden and other members of the House of the Gang of Eight, and that he wasn’t “in a position to say anything further.” According to some reports, the threat is related to plans by Russia’s space program to install a nuclear weapon in orbit that could target American satellites.

Mast told Newsmax that the Biden administration only cares about political threats. He said they will continue to “mock the Space Force” and “make the military woke” as well as disregard the national debt and deficit. Mast maintained that America is capable of defending against such threats and that the US Space Force is “more powerful” than Russia’s.

Despite this, the congressman said that the president “is like a toddler” dragging a baseball bat around without having “the strength to wield it.” Mast accused Russia of nuclear escalation ever since the invasion of Ukraine, and of using the threat of their arsenal to dissuade more pushback. Last year in October, the Kremlin withdrew Russia’s ratification of a nuclear testing prohibition deal called the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Mast also questioned Biden’s apparent decline in mental health, which is influencing how the president handles national security. He cited the recent report by Special Counsel Robert Hur which excused Biden from facing criminal charges and cited his “poor memory” as one of the factors for not recommending he stand trial.

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