Reporter SLAMS NYC Mayor with Realistic Migration Facts

( – A Fox News reporter slammed New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Monday after the mayor bemoaned the number of migrants seeking asylum in the city every month, comparing the number to what border states are experiencing.

Bill Melugin shared a Twitter post from John Modlin on Monday in which the Tucson Sector chief border patrol agent said that 10,700 migrants were apprehended last week alone, along with 526 migrant rescues, nine incidents of human smuggling, five drug-related events, and five incidents of firearms seizure.

Melugin mocked Adams’ distress over the number of migrants entering the Big Apple every month, writing that while the mayor “cannot handle 10,000” of them every month, only “one of nine sectors along the southern border” saw nearly “11,000 in one week.” Melugin added that so-called “sanctuary cities” deal with only “a tiny fraction” of those crossing the border.

Elon Musk, who owns Twitter (and has since rebranded it as “X”), responded to Melugin’s post with a simple “wow.”

Adams gave a warning last week that the migrant crisis may just “destroy” New York City if the federal government doesn’t do more to help. The city has already received a substantial amount of aid, and Adams said steps are being taken to stabilize finances and deal with the over 100,000 migrants who’ve come to the Big Apple since spring 2022. Adams also took shots at Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, whom he described as “a madman,” for busing migrants out of the Lone Star State and into New York City.

Similar comparisons have been made between what border states deal with compared to the rest of the country. Independent Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has been consistently criticizing the federal government for sending more aid to “sanctuary” states and cities than to border states. She said what Arizona is experiencing “is matched only by what folks are experiencing in southern Texas.”

Adams has not responded to the Fox News reporter’s comments.

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