Reparations? California Voters Aren’t Actually On Board

( – A new poll reveals that most voters in California don’t agree with giving cash reparations to black Americans descended from slaves.

A new poll co-sponsored by the LA Times and conducted by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies questioned respondents about reparations and found more than half of California voters are not in favor of the proposal. Nearly 60% of respondents opposed reparations through cash payments, and only 29% supported the idea. Four in ten of the polled voters “strongly” oppose the idea.

In 2020, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill establishing a Reparations Task Force assigned to exploring potential avenues for the state to lead the rest of the nation by example with the development of a reparations program.

At the time, Newsom said that the entire nation “can only truly thrive” when every person “has the opportunity to thrive. Newsom claimed the “painful history of slavery” over time “evolved into structural racism,” characterized by built-in bias “permeating” the economic and democratic institutions of the US. Newsom said the “rich diversity” of California is its “greatest asset” and that the state “won’t turn away” from the opportunity to make things right for Californians still facing “discrimination and disadvantages.”

A final report was published by the task force in June. In the report, the task force recommends up to $1 million in payments for black residents who qualify, as well as other benefits such as free public college tuition and forgiving child support payment debts. According to the task force, the purpose of cash payments is to address disparities in healthcare, discrimination in housing opportunities, and the mass incarceration of black Americans. They recommend about $13,600 for each eligible descendant of African-American slaves for each year the candidate lived in California between the years 1971 and 2020.

Looking at political parties in the survey, a vast majority of Republicans (90%) opposed cash payouts of reparations, with only 5% supporting Contrast that with Democratic respondents, 43% of whom support the idea and 41% oppose it. Independents lean toward opposition, with 65% opposed and 22% in support. The two main reasons cited for opposition are the belief that it’s not fair to make modern taxpayers compensate for the “wrongs committed in the past” and to “single out one group for reparations” while ignoring other groups that have also “been wrong in the past.”

Seventy-six percent of black voters supported the idea, while 16% opposed it.

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