Rep. Collins: Staffer Robbed At Gunpoint In DC, Blames ‘Pro-Criminal Policies’

( – A lawmaker’s staff member was robbed at gunpoint in Washington, DC, prompting Rep. Mike Collins to describe the nation’s capital as a “war zone.” Rep. Collins wrote on social media that his staffer and a friend were mugged by three armed men in the Navy Yard area of the city, and he blamed the attack on “pro-criminal policies” on Capitol Hill.

In a furious Twitter post, Collins stated that DC’s leaders are incapable of governing and incapable of protecting Americans from crime. “It’s unthinkable that drive-by robberies are a normal part of living just a few blocks from the Capitol,” he wrote.

Capitol Police believe the same group of robbers committed a separate offense blocks away on the same day. In the second incident, a group of three jumped from a dark Sedan with tinted windows and robbed four people on a sidewalk, taking their watches before speeding away. When one of the victims initially refused to hand over their watch, the robbers said, “Don’t be stupid. We’ll shoot you.”

Multiple reports in recent years show a marked increase in crime in the US capital city, with many people packing up and leaving. In 2023, crime, including street robbery, carjacking, and homicide, rose 39% in Washington, DC, and lawmakers were among the victims.

Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota was attacked as she left her apartment building last year, and Rep. Henry Cuellar was robbed at gunpoint. Former Trump administration official Mike Gill died when carjackers shot him as he sat in his parked car near Mount Vernon Square in February. The suspect, 28-year-old Artell Cunningham, got into Mr. Gill’s car and opened fire.

Cunningham then fled the scene before killing 35-year-old Alberto Vazquez and stealing his car. Two officers from New Carrollton police in Maryland shot and killed Cunningham days later.

Police statistics show there were 57 carjackings in Washington, DC, in the first month of 2024 – 30 involving firearms.

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