Ready To TALK – Conspiracy Blown WIDE Open!

( – Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently agreed to cooperate with the House Republican probe of Big Tech colluding with the U.S. government after being threatened with charges of contempt of Congress.

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was set to hold a session to officially file the charges against Zuckerberg for refusing the cooperate with the congressional probe. Now that Zuckerberg is agreeing to participate, Jordan is calling off the session due to the Meta CEO’s “newfound commitment” to cooperating with the investigation into social media censorship by request of the federal government.

Despite calling off the markup session against Zuckerberg, Jordan dropped the “Facebook Files.” The Thursday release shows how the Biden administration coerced the social media platform into colluding with the government to interfere with the First Amendment rights of American citizens. The thread quickly went viral and included an April 2021 email from an employee at Facebook confirming the scheme by the White House.

According to the email, sent by an unnamed former employee to Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, the platform faced “continued pressure from external stakeholders, including the White House” and the media “to remove” any content that discouraged people from taking vaccines.

Press Secretary for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, was pressed by a reporter about the information released in the “Facebook Files.” She was asked “how much” the White House is currently “working with social media companies” to censor “posts or things” the government doesn’t want to be seen.

The Press Secretary avoided the question, stating that she’s “repeated many times” that the White House promotes “responsible actions to protect public health, safety, and security” when dealing with “challenges” such as |a deadly pandemic” and election interference from abroad.

Now that Zuckerberg is agreeing to cooperate, it’s likely the House probe will dig up more details about Facebook’s collusion with the federal government.

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