Ramaswamy Promises to Give Russia the Ukraine Territory It’s Taken

(ConservativeSense.com) – Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur, author, and Republican presidential candidate, took a controversial foreign policy position on the war between Ukraine and Russia, proposing that Russia should keep any territory claimed during the war as part of a peace agreement to convince them to disengage from a military alliance with China.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Russia has pushed forward and claimed various territories in the neighboring country. Ramaswamy, who appeared on Fox News, told primetime host Jesse Watters that he would make a proposal that would force Russia to break its military alliance with China and end the war, including letting the Kremlin keep the claimed territory.

Ramaswamy said if elected, he “would freeze the current lines of control” and also commit to not allowing Ukraine to join NATO, which he claims would be “enough to get Putin to do the deal. Ramaswamy added that he would “require something even greater in return,” and that would be to “exit its military alliance with China.”

The GOP candidate claims that America has pushed Russia “further into China‚Äôs hands” and that the alliance between the two nations is “the single greatest threat” faced by the US. Watters appeared skeptical when Ramaswamy said he would also demand the Russian military stay out of the Western Hemisphere entirely.

Watters seemed doubtful Ramaswamy would be able to just fly to Moscow, sit “across the table from Vlad,” and tell him to give up his alliance with China. Ramaswamy said he would tell Putin that the US would reopen “economic relations with Russia” and “end the Ukraine war” by promising Ukraine would never join NATO.

Watters then asked if Russia would agree to that when their “economic relations with China” are “much more valuable. Ramaswamy replied that their trade relations are only more valuable because America “cut off Russia from the West and that they would have “less of a reason” to stay allied to China if “Western economic relations” were reopened. Ramaswamy ended by adding that he believes the US bombed the Nord Stream pipelines in order to “cut off Russia from the West.”

Currently, Ramaswamy is the third-leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

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