Racial REQUIREMENT – School Does The Unthinkable!

(ConservativeSense.com) – The University of Minnesota is hosting fitness classes for non-white students only. The “diversity center” at the university said it is providing sessions to allow students to “take up space in places historically known to be predominantly white.”

The super-woke center also organized a “Community Climb Day,” for black, indigenous, and people of color, as well as for “women, femmes, and non-binary” students. 

The director of the center, Fernando Rodriguez, said, “It’s hard for students who are first-generation students of color who are already feeling isolated to go into the big rec center and then ask for help.” He added that he had found it difficult during his time at the college and struggled to relate to people in his classes but found a “sense of community” in a fitness group, and now wanted to extend that opportunity to other students. 

The race-based policy is part of a widespread institutional attack on white Americans. Rodriguez claims that white students monopolize the gym and make others feel uncomfortable. Similar claims are made at other educational institutions and instances of excluding whites altogether have increased. 

The National Association of Scholars (NAS) undertook a study of racial segregation on American campuses in 2018 and found that following decades of integration, universities have enthusiastically re-embraced segregation. The study found that races are being kept apart under the guise of “diversity.” There were several examples of this separation, including at the University of Ohio, which excluded white students from a gym, despite the fact that they had to pay for it. 

Furthermore, and perhaps unsurprisingly, research has found that 71% of college administrators were politically left-wing. This is compared to only 6% who describe themselves as conservative. This amounts to 12 liberals for every conservative. 

Group identity and categorization, as well as segregation, is a key facet of Neo-Marxist communism that has begun to successfully dominate education, as well as aspects of law enforcement, media, and politics, and is broadly facilitated by the Democratic Party. 

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