Psaki’s Predicament – GOP Candidates FEAR Attacking Trump!

( – Jen Psaki is frustrated that she cannot find GOP Presidential candidates willing to attack Donald Trump. The former White House press secretary, who now works for MSNBC, said Trump’s opponents in the race for the GOP nomination either don’t mention the growing list of legal battles he is facing or they condemn the prosecutions and indictments as political persecution.

Psaki expressed bewilderment that even though the candidates are polling far behind Mr. Trump, they do not attack him for his alleged role in the events of January 6, 2021. “So, it seems that nearly all of the serious contenders to take on Trump have basically made the political calculation that it’s better to stand by him in the primary,” she said.

She said their apparent loyalty to Trump isn’t doing them any favors as he storms ahead, leaving his closest contender, Ron DeSantis, trailing around 30% behind.

So far, the only candidate who has made it his mission to discredit the former President is Chris Christie, who is campaigning on an anti-Trump ticket. Christie, who endorsed Trump in the past, now says he was “wrong” and declares that Mr. Trump faces criminal charges only because of his “outrageous behavior.”

The latest polls show Trump maintaining his significant lead despite the prospect of yet another round of federal charges related to January 6. On his Truth Social media account, the former President announced that he’d received notice from the Department of Justice that he was a “target” of the January 6 investigation. He noted that such a letter usually means an indictment is imminent.

Real Clear Politics data reveals that during the period from July 20 to July 23, Trump polled between 48% and 59%. A Morning Consult survey on July 23 places Trump at 59%, with DeSantis in second place at 16%. Chris Christie is on 2.5%, but this is enough to win him a place in the primary debates, where he says he’ll be “waiting for Donald Trump.”

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