Popular Evangelical Pastor Steps Down Over ‘Sin’

(ConservativeSense.com) – A Texan evangelical pastor has stepped down from his post, saying he had committed “sin.”

Dr. Tony Evans, pastor at the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, issued a statement saying his church was dedicated to upholding the word of God and maintaining His standards, but “When we fall short of that standard due to sin, we are required to repent.” Evans admitted to falling short of that standard “a number of years ago” and, therefore, felt it right to leave his post and focus on repentance and redemption.

The pastor did not provide details about his “sin” but emphasized that he had committed no crime. The decision to step down followed a series of meetings with church elders, who pledged to ensure that the church continues under new leadership.

Evans is a Baltimore native who founded the Oak Cliff Fellowship in 1976, starting out with just ten members but building up to more than 10,000. Dr. Evans also hosts a radio show – The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans – that airs on over 1,000 stations worldwide. He was previously a chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys and the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and is the author of several books including one he co-wrote with his daughter Chrystal Hurst entitled Kingdom Kindness: A Movement to Bring Calm to the Culture.

Lois Evans, the pastor’s first wife, died from cancer in 2019, and their four children are all accomplished writers and motivational speakers. His daughter, Priscilla Shirer, is a best-selling author and co-founder of the Going Beyond Ministries. Evans remarried in December last year.

Bobby Gibson, the lead associate pastor of the fellowship, will temporarily step into Evans’ role until decisions are made about the church’s future, a statement read. Dr. Evans will remain part of the congregation and said he has never loved his church more, but he must account for his sins before entering a new period of spiritual reflection after 48 years of church leadership.

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