Poll Reveals Trump Has Consistent Lead

(ConservativeSense.com) – Despite multiple indictments against former President Donald Trump, recent polls are showing him consistently ahead of President Joe Biden, indicating that most voters view the legal challenges as politically motivated.

Two pollsters, senior Zogby Strategies analyst John Zogby and John McLaughlin of McLaughlin and Associates, made an appearance on Newsline and said recent tallies demonstrate Trump is ahead of the president by 4 points.

According to McLaughlin, numbers came in on Friday, Feb. 2, which showed the former president ahead of Biden 47-43 across the country. The data analyst said the numbers have “been pretty consistent” and that their colleague, Zogby, “has seen the same thing.”

The survey was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research in partnership with NBC. McLaughlin noted that the poll was “bipartisan” and “not done by Trump people.”

The pollster said that Trump’s “decisive lead” is because Biden has “been failing.” McLaughlin believes that “talking about convictions” is “ridiculous,” and only indicates the Democratic Party is getting desperate. He noted that a national poll shared on the McLaughlin and Associates website shows that 69% of respondents believe that the indictments against Trump are politically driven. He also noted that 57% believe Biden “played a role” in the indictments.

McLaughlin called the legal attacks on Trump a “sham” that is “undermining democracy.” He accused Biden of “indicting his leading political opponent,” which shouldn’t be happening in the US. McLaughlin said that voters see this, and that’s why he believes Trump is polling higher.

When Zogby weighed in, he confirmed that his company’s polling found the same thing: Trump leading Biden by 4 points. The pollster said that either he and McLaughlin are “both outliers,” or they are “in the mainstream,” which is what he believes to be the case. Zogby added that Trump’s campaign should not ignore suburban women, who he stated “are reachable” on the abortion issue, which has drawn their attention away from cultural issues and education, as seen in the last midterm elections in 2022.

Despite the problems he’s up against and obstacles to surmount, Zogby said Trump is still in a good position and that a 4 to 5-point lead “is something that turns heads.”

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