Pentagon Didn’t Find Any White Supremacists To Punish

( -A new report from Arizona State University found that despite their efforts to track and monitor “white supremacists” in the military, those programs produced little to no results and may have even jeopardized the morale within and readiness of the military.

The report was published by ASU’s Center for American Institutions on Thursday, June 27, and discovered that results “came up short” in the Pentagon’s efforts to “search for white supremacists.”

According to the report, within the military ranks and its service academies, a zealous bureaucracy based on diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) initiatives is not deeply established, solidified through a series of “mandated executive orders” enacted throughout “the 2010s and 2020s.” Included in such initiatives were efforts to look for “violent extremists” within the military ranks, but those efforts rarely produced results despite all of the funding poured into them. The 2021 DEI Plan for the Marine Corps said such policies and re-education programs are designed to end “racism, sexism, and negative biases” which supposedly “diminish” the effectiveness of the military.

During the military’s search, only 100 service members were flagged for extremism out of 2.1 million military personnel. Director of the Center for American Institutions, Donald Critchlow, said that military leaders should follow in the footsteps of other private companies that “have abandoned the toxic advice” given by consultants from DEI programs, which he described as “social engineering.” Critchlow recommended abandoning “critical race theory” and restoring an approach in the military based on “character and merit.”

The report also looked at the increased spending toward DEI programs, which received $88.5 million from the US Department of Defense (DOD) for fiscal year 2023, a substantial increase from 2022’s $68 million. For fiscal year 2024, the Pentagon requested $114.7 million for DEI initiatives.

The commission that produced the report, headed by commissioners Matt Lohmeier, John Cauthen, and Karrin Taylor Robson, concluded that the “multimillion-dollar DEI bureaucracy” must be brought to “an immediate end.”

The findings confirm an earlier Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) study in Dec. 2023 that found less than 100 “substantiated cases” annually of “extremist activity” in the military ranks.

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