Pence Drops HINT – It’s About Donald Trump!

Pence Teases Face-Off Against Trump

Pence Teases Face-Off Against Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump looked to the future on Tuesday, November 15, when he formally announced his bid to run for the presidency in 2024. The man who loyally served as his vice president the first time around, Mike Pence, seems to be teasing a potential run for the Oval Office himself as he promotes the release of his new book, “So Help Me God.”

In interviews with the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” Jill Colvin with the Associated Press, David Muir with ABC’s “World News Tonight,” and a Town Hall hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Pence has spoken out about his experiences since leaving the White House. He’s genuinely pleased and surprised at the everyday generosity, civility, kindness, and unity he sees in America outside of politics. He told “Fox & Friends,” “the American people actually get along pretty well most days, and it’s our politics that’s deeply divided.”

Yet, his observation about the American people getting along led him to a bigger point. He claims Americans want new leadership for 2024, reflecting greater “civility and respect” with an ability to “unite the country around our highest ideals.” Pence clearly doesn’t believe Trump embodies those qualities. When asked whether the former POTUS belonged back in the Oval Office, Pence said he believed voters would have better choices in 2024 and expressed confidence in primary voters to make the right decisions.

Still, when AP’s Jill Colvin asked him to tell her in a few words whether he was running for president in 2024, Pence coyly answered, “I’ll keep you posted.” He’s told other interviewers he needs to confer with his family to give “prayerful consideration” to his future.

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