Parents TERRIFIED – Leftist Extremists BOLD Promise!

( – Transgender activists in New York marched through the city streets, saying they were targeting children. The group, some sparsely dressed, walked through Manhattan Park on June 23, chanting the line, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.” It was part of New York’s Pride parade and was followed by a “Dyke March.” The procession ended at the iconic Stonewall Inn bar in Greenwich Village.

A video clip of the march was posted on social media and elicited furious responses. Georgian Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said, “This movement grooms minors to have mastectomies and castrations and fuels a multi-billion dollar medical child abuse industry.”

Jenna Ellis, a former Trump attorney, added a question: “Remember that thing they said they were totally not doing?”

Some social media users, however, suggested that the chant was a provocation and a mockery of conservatives who accuse the Pride movement of grooming children, something that most gay people reject. “Sadly, this will continue to determine the view of the gay community, which fought so hard to be accepted. This is not accepted,” wrote one Twitter user.

This year’s Pride parades are seen by many as the re-politicization of the movement in response to a variety of legislative moves in recent years to limit the ability of parents to “transition” their children through chemical or surgical means. Several GOP-led states have passed laws disallowing the distribution of so-called puberty blockers to children; these are drugs that stop the normal physical progression of the child’s body as he or she reaches puberty.

Gay conservative author Bruce Bawer said the activities of what he calls “the gay left” will cause immense damage to gay men and women more broadly. He said radicals are hijacking the gay rights cause in a bid to move America toward a “socialist utopia.” Of the “gay left,” Bawer said they don’t want rights; they want attention. He labeled the marchers “psychologically disturbed egomaniacs.”

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