Parents TERRIFIED As Biden Agenda Takes Nation By Storm

( – New York City will be using gymnasiums in at least six public schools to temporarily provide shelter for migrants arriving in the city after crossing the southern border.

As the migrant crisis continues to put a strain on New York City’s resources and shelters have reached capacity, the city is now taking a new drastic measure by opening up public school gymnasiums for temporary housing of asylum seekers. All six of the schools are located in Brooklyn, where a mega-shelter was also opened a few months ago at the Cruise Terminal.

Most of the migrants have been housed in hotels around the city that were converted into shelters, and other measures have been discussed in response to the ending of Title 42, such as closing down certain streets to place temporary shelters on. Mayor Eric Adams recently announced a record-breaking budget for the city of $106.7 billion and continues to petition the federal government for assistance with the crisis, accusing the White House of abandoning NYC.

Adams also pushed back against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for continuing to bus migrants out of Texas and into other states and cities, accusing Abbott of specifically targeting cities that are run by black mayors.

In response to the decision to house the migrants in public schools, groups of angry parents gathered to protest outside at least three of the designated schools, lambasting the mayor. They demanded Adams find other places to put the asylum seekers, and even called on him to open up his own home at Gracie Mansion to take them in.

At least 60 parents gathered to protest the use of their children’s schools to house migrants, asking that students be allowed to have their gyms back. One parent interviewed by the New York Post said he doesn’t feel safe “having adult men with no criminal background checks or health screenings” staying at his daughter’s school.

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