Court THROWS OUT Attempt To Stop Democrats!

( – The state Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday that local governments in the state of Oregon cannot declare themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries nor ban police from enforcing gun laws. About 1,200 local governments with more conservative values have adopted these policies as sanctuary cities for gun owners, and this is the first court ruling against the concept.

The appeals court ruled that the measure initially approved in Columbia County and prohibiting police and officials from enforcing most federal and state firearms laws, as well as allowing the issue of fines on those who attempt to, violates a state law granting the power to regulate firearms.

One judge, Chief Judge Jim Egan, argues in a 10-page concurrence that only courts can decide which laws are constitutional and that this is not a power sheriffs have. He called the Columbia County ordinance “repugnant” and a violation of the separation of powers under both the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions.

Egan also accused sheriffs who are citing the U.S. Constitution to support their decision in refusing to enforce federal and state gun control laws of embracing ideologies that are “racist and white nationalist” as well as anti-Semitic.

The judge called their thinking conspiratorial and likened it to “the ancient trope of a secret Jewish government,” referring to alleged United Nations laws that he claims they believe would mandate the federal government and require state and local governments to answer to the UN who would then disarm Americans.

One group supporting the ordinances, the Oregon Firearms Federation, made a statement on Wednesday questioning “the legitimacy of the court” to make fair rulings.

An opponent, State Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, said the ruling against the ordinances “makes it clear that common sense requirements like safe storage [of firearms] and background checks apply throughout Oregon.” Rosenblum previously sued two other gun sanctuary counties.

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