One in Three Republicans Think Trump Was Wrong Candidate Choice

( – A new poll of GOP voters found that one out of three of them would have preferred someone other than former President Donald Trump to be the party’s candidate for the presidential election.

Despite winning the required amount of delegates to secure the GOP nomination for the upcoming presidential election, a new survey found that his support among his Republican base may not be as secure as people think, and many will be reluctant voters. The survey came from Leger, a Canadian polling firm, and consisted of 1,003 American respondents. It was conducted over a period of three days, between May 24 and May 26, with a margin of error of around +/- 3.09%.

The results showed a third of Republican voters were not enthusiastic about Trump’s candidacy. Thirty-three percent of respondents among this voting demographic said they would have preferred if another candidate were the party’s nominee. About 47% of those who responded as such were between 18 and 34 years old.

The poll matches up with some results seen during the primary season contests, during which some voters came out to oppose Trump in protest by supporting another candidate. Earlier in May, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley managed to bring in 20% of the vote in the Maryland primary and 17.8% in Nebraska even though she had already dropped out of the race back in March.

Of course, Trump still won the contest and swept up the majority of votes, but those percentages going toward a candidate not even in the race anymore sends a clear message that he still doesn’t have total support among Republicans.

On top of this demographic of intractable GOP voters, Trump is also now dealing with a guilty verdict handed down in Manhattan last week in the Stormy Daniels hush money trial. His sentencing hearing is scheduled just before the Republican National Convention, and although he could face more large fines and even jail time, Trump doesn’t seem worried. His campaign also raised millions after the verdict was announced.

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