Ohio City Hit by ‘Cyber Incident’

(ConservativeSense.com) – A “cyber incident” led to Cleveland City Hall temporarily closing and particular systems forced to be shut down.

On Monday, June 10, Cleveland City Hall announced that a serious “cyber attack” occurred that impacted various city systems. Those particular systems were temporarily shut down in order to prevent further damage and investigate the origin of the cyber attack. City Hall was also closed and staff were informed the night before, on Sunday, June 9, that they would be unable to access most of the city’s internal systems the following morning, save for a few emergency and essential services, which will be maintained.

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb’s office released a statement about the shutdown which said that the city is “currently investigating a cyber incident” the scope and nature of which remained unknown but which officials were taking “seriously.” The statement claimed that systems affected by the cyber attack were temporarily shut down “as a precautionary measure” while the city focused on safely “securing and restoring” those services, adding that those systems would remain offline until officials had “a better understanding of the situation.”

The city did not release any information about the potential source of the cyber attack or the exact nature of and motivation behind the incident.

Days before the incident, the Cleveland Health Clinic warned that hospitals face a particular risk from cyberattacks, which could greatly impact medical systems. Vugar Zeynalov, a chief information security official, told reporters that these incidents are no longer “just about losing data,” but also “about losing patients’ confidence” and risking the safe delivery of medical care.

On Tuesday, June 11, Bibb held a press conference and announced that Cleveland City Hall would remain closed for a second day pending the ongoing investigation into the incident. The mayor said his office has “been working around the clock” with various partners to “contain,” “manage,” and “alleviate the threat.” Bibb clarified that officials were still investigating the full scope of the cyber attack, adding that the city’s data was not breached.

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