Ocasio-Cortez FEDERAL CRIME Report – This Looks Very Bad!

(ConservativeSense.com) – The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) has said that Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have received impermissible gifts when she attended the Met Gala in 2021.

She attended the $35,000 per person event in New York wearing a dress emblazoned with the slogan “Tax the Rich” and was universally condemned for the hypocrisy. Even the New York Times joined in the chorus of criticism when its chief fashion critic said, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attending the $35,000-a-ticket Met Gala in a Brother Vellies gown blaring Tax the Rich is a complicated proposition.”

The latest reports on her attendance at the gala suggest that she did not pay for her dress, or her hair and make-up until two days after the Ethics Committee questioned her about them. Ocasio-Cortez has blamed this on her staff and said she would never have allowed the situation to occur had she known about it. “And it is just a deeply regrettable situation. I feel l terrible for especially the small businesses that were impacted,” she said. 

In its conclusion, the OCE said there is substantial reason to believe that the Congresswoman was in receipt of impermissible gifts. Her lawyers have argued however that she had no intention of not paying her expenses for the night and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. A statement from her legal team claimed that while the incident was regrettable, it does not right rise to the level of a House rules violation.

The New York Rep. has declared war on wealth and called for a 70% tax on earnings above $10 million per year. She argues this would reduce inequality resulting from capitalism, which she has described as “irredeemable.” Ocasio-Cortez is an unapologetic socialist and is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

She is one of the newer Democratic Members of Congress that seeks to bring about the end of the system that created wealth and freedom in the United States. 

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