NYPD FORCED To Take This “Class” – Very Disturbing!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Government employees in New York City are to be trained in critical race theory (CRT). This will include NYPD and will be mandatory for all staff. Police will now be required to operate with “racial equity” in mind and to believe that some racial groups are more privileged than others, while some are automatically oppressed. It is the latest in a long line of examples of institutional compliance to the radical left-wing theory. Schools across the nation are teaching CRT as fact, so much so that some Republican-led states have taken steps to ban it from their classrooms.

Critical race theory was developed by European Marxists in the 20th Century. It is an offshoot of critical theory, which is the notion that all societies consist of the oppressor and the oppressed. It purports that those of the oppressed class who adhere to and participate in the cultural institutions of the oppressor stand in the way of the revolution that will bring down capitalism. Therefore the answer is to destroy the cultural institutions of the oppressor through relentless criticism. It can be seen clearly in the onslaught against police in the United States. The race element has been injected because “racism” can, the Marxists believe, abolish those cultural institutions it deems to be part of the oppressor class. 

The theory is also used to attack the US Constitution because it stands firmly in the way of a pseudo-communist revolution in America. Political campaigns aimed at overthrowing the Constitution are gaining ground, particularly in the nation’s universities. Students in Florida for example signed a petition to overthrow the Constitution, calling it a document for rich white men. The scene is similar at the elite Yale University, where 65% of students in 2021 agreed that it should be abolished, as it was “created in a racist and white supremacist” context. Other students have objected to the presence of the US flag. 

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