NYC Schools Struggle to Keep Up with Influx of Migrant Children

( – As immigrants who recently entered the US over the southern border continue to arrive in New York City, the Big Apple is struggling to keep up with housing and social services demands, especially figuring out where to place all of the migrant children enrolling in public schools.

Schools in New York City are now overflowing as 21,000 migrant children have enrolled over the last year. One teacher reported to the New York Post that what’s happening is “a capacity issue.” The teacher slammed the city for not being prepared and said it “should have worked this out two days ago.”

The first day of school in the Big Apple was chaotic, with lines outside one high school in Queens snaking around for several blocks, and some students being forced to relocate to a different institution nearby.

To streamline the process of enrollment, special exceptions were made for migrant students allowing them to enroll before receiving mandatory vaccines that are typically required beforehand.

Since the spring of 2022, over 100,000 migrants have passed through the city, with at least 60,000 remaining in the city’s care. Part of the inundation is because border states like Texas have been busing migrants out of their states and to “sanctuary cities” in blue states like New York and Chicago. Such sanctuaries promise to provide shelter, supplies, and social services to all immigrants regardless of their status.

During a town hall last Wednesday, Adams warned that the crisis will “destroy” the city if solutions can’t be found. “Never in my life,” the mayor said, “have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to,” adding that he doesn’t “see an ending” to the migrant influx. He said the city is now “getting people from all over the globe” deciding “that they’re going to come through” the southern border to “come into New York City.”

According to Adams, the ongoing problem will command a bill from city taxpayers up to $12 billion by Summer 2025 if something isn’t done soon to slow down their entry.

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