NYC Mayor Eric Adams Accuses Biden and Federal Government of “Turning Its Back” on the City’s Migrant Crisis

( – President Joe Biden was criticized by the mayor of New York City on Wednesday for not doing more to assist the city in dealing with the ongoing migrant crisis that continues to put a strain on the city’s resources.

Mayor Eric Adams accused the White House of inaction in the face of a looming crisis. “The national government has turned its back on New York City,” he said, leaving the city on its own to handle the influx of thousands upon thousands of migrants. Adams blamed the federal government for a shortfall in the projected $4.2 billion budget required to deal with the situation after pleading for assistance for months. He said that “every service” will be “impacted by the asylum seeker crisis.”

Adams said that the crisis “is in the lap of the president of the United States” and “the executive branch of the United States of America” who “can give us the ability to allow people to work.” He said that most of the migrants arriving in the city came to find jobs and support themselves yet are being prohibited from doing so legally for the first half-year while here.

Over the last year, 55,000 migrants claiming to be seeking asylum from dangerous conditions of violence and persecution in their own countries have arrived in the Big Apple after illegally crossing the southern border. The crisis is creating many problems for the city, causing conflicts such as the Watson Hotel incident in Hell’s Kitchen a few months ago.

Approximately 200 new arrivals enter NYC every day, costing the city roughly $380 per diem to house and feed each. Most are being put up in emergency shelters, primarily hotels, which are being paid for with taxpayer money.

Adams lambasted the federal government for not allowing the migrants to legally work while promising help to the city for taking care of them only to fail to provide it. He warned that with the looming end to Title 42, the “52,000 can jump to 100,000 if we don’t get this under control.”

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