Now China is MOCKING Us, Too – Thanks, Biden!

( – China is mocking Joe Biden’s response to the fires in Hawaii. The state-sanctioned press said America looked like a developing country as alarm systems failed to operate, there was no evacuation assistance, and relief supplies were looted.

An editorial in the Chinese publication The Global Times stated, “Deadly wildfires in Hawaii, which caused the biggest death toll in more than a century in the US and forced thousands to evacuate from their homes, expose the incompetence of the US government.”

The article even referred to Biden’s refusal to comment on the unfolding tragedy when questioned by reporters on August 14. At Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, the President was enjoying a relaxing afternoon when journalists asked for a statement on the rising death toll on Maui. “No comment,” the president said.

The Chinese article pointed out that there is a significant US military presence in Hawaii, and yet none appeared to be available to assist its residents as fires burned out of control. “In China, the military, police, and other professional rescue forces will respond immediately,” it boasted.

The editorial also pointed to an issue gaining attention in America and provoking fury from Americans: the Biden administration is giving much more money to Ukraine than Hawaii. The US has given more than $110 billion to Ukraine, and a new aid package worth $10 billion is on its way, but Hawaiians were only offered $700 per household.

As of August 17, the death toll on Maui had increased to 111 and was expected to continue to rise as hundreds of people remained unaccounted for. The fires began on the night of August 8 and, aided by a hurricane, spread through the state and wrought devastation on the centuries-old city of Lahaina. Emergency alerts failed to operate and left residents with little time to evacuate.

Meanwhile, Hawaiian Electric could face a lawsuit for failing to switch off electric power lines that are thought to have exacerbated the disaster.

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