Not Fit To SERVE – America TURNS On Biden!

( – A new poll shows voters are having more and more doubts about President Joe Biden’s ability to continue serving in office to the end of his term, let alone for a second term.

According to the survey from NBC News, over two-thirds of voters who are registered answered that they have some concern that the president lacks “the necessary mental and physical health” to continue as commander in chief. Sixty-eight percent answered that they are moderately to majorly concerned about Biden’s fitness for office.

The results show an increase by 17 points since the last time voters were polled on the same question back in 2020.

In the 2020 poll, 48% of voters responded that they didn’t have any real concern about Biden’s ability to serve as president. That number dropped to 32% in the latest poll, showing that doubt is increasing among Americans.

It’s hard to miss the fact that Biden keeps falling, or that he tends to lose focus while speaking, going off on tangents or slipping up and saying unintelligible or unusual things. Biden has dismissed concerns, saying that he hardly thinks about his age, although he respects people for “taking a hard look at it.” The president assured people that he feels “good” and is “excited” about his future prospects.

Former President Donald Trump, who recently turned 77, fared better than his rival in the poll, although more than half still question his ability to serve, as well.

Biden, 80, is already the oldest president to serve in the White House. If he manages to win and complete a second term, he’ll be 86 by the end of it.Former President Donald Trump, running for a second term himself, and others have pointed out Biden’s slipping mental capacity. And when GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley announced her 2024 bid, she said the White House needs a “new generation” of leadership. There have also been calls to make mental competency tests mandatory to serve in office.

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