Noem Banned from Reservation in South Dakota

( – Republican Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem was banned from a Native American reservation after a local tribe took offense to remarks she made last week regarding the US-Mexico border, and the tribe’s leader said she’s using the situation to help former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe president, Frank Star Comes Out, issued a statement to Noem and announced that, for “the safety of the Oyate,” the governor is “banished” from the tribe’s homelands. “Oyate” is native Dakota for “nation” or “people.”

The banishment comes in response to remarks about the southern border crisis made by the South Dakota governor at the state Legislature the week prior suggesting her state should send more resources to help Texas stop the influx of illegal immigrants. Noem also laid the blame for the situation at the feet of President Joe Biden, a move the Oglala Sioux tribe leader believes is politically motivated to help bolster Trump’s campaign.

Star Comes Out said that he joined the US Marines and served in order to protect all Americans’ freedom, including “Indians throughout the nation,” and that he doesn’t wish to see his people and their reservations used “to create a bogus border crisis” by Noem to help the former president return to the White House. The tribal leader also suggested Noem is aiming to become Trump’s running mate for Vice President.

In her previous remarks, which came amid the ongoing battle between Texas and the federal government over the border, Noem described the border crisis as an “invasion.” Star Comes Out pushed back against this notion, which he called a “red herring” to justify sending the South Dakota National Guard to the border, which he clarified his tribe “doesn’t support.” The tribal leader added that immigrants crossing the border do not “deserve to be dehumanized and mistreated” for seeking a better life and better economic opportunities.

The governor responded to Star Comes Out. She said it’s “unfortunate” that the tribal leader is bringing politics “into a discussion” about the federal government’s failure to secure the border by enforcing the immigration laws already on the books, which Noem says is also greatly affecting Native American communities.

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