No One Read Omnibus Spending Bill, Says Senator

( – Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla) said that “literally no one” had read the $1.7 trillion Omnibus spending bill – a statement he made even before the monstrosity was passed.

The bill is 4,000 pages long and couched in complex legal language. Mr. Lankford asked TV host Rob Schmitt to “imagine what 4,000 pages looks like” and that it was impossible to read that much in 24 – 48 hours. The Senator said that extra things were added to the bill, that couldn’t be read or studied beforehand, because “everyone knew it was going to pass”.

Sen. Lankford’s concerns were echoed by House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy who said the bill was being passed through via a process where nobody could read it and without any committee oversight. He said this was deliberate on the part of the Democrats and the Republican party will not allow such behavior in the future. “They moved a continuing resolution until right before Christmas, they’re trying to pass this where nobody can read it. Then they’re going to have the House of Representatives tell them you can’t leave for Christmas until you vote on this,” he said.

The mammoth bill commits billions of dollars in overseas aid as well as millions for environmental causes. It also reduces funds available to everyday Americans. The Enhanced Child tax credit, which would have provided benefits to low-income families, was not included. It furthermore allow states to decrease Medicaid benefits, affecting around 19 million people. There is also a provision to make it harder to overhaul the 1887 Electoral Count Act to make it harder to try to overturn the results of elections.

House Minority Leader McCarthy has called on the Republican Party to produce a new bill in 2023 that will save money for the American taxpayer.

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