( – The first GOP primary debate took place on Wednesday, and for entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, it was his first ever political debate. As the new guy, it’s an easy area to take shots at, and that’s exactly what former Vice President Mike Pence did, calling Ramaswamy a “rookie.”

While on the debate stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Wednesday night, Pence declared loudly that “now is not the time for on-the-job training,” after which he glanced at Ramaswamy. Pence went on, saying the U.S. doesn’t “need to bring in a rookie” or “people without experience.”

Pence didn’t seem to see the irony of his comments when considering that former President Donald Trump, whom Pence served under, also never held any elected office or had any experience in politics before running for president and winning on his first attempt. Trump was very similar to Ramaswamy in 2016 as a populist outsider among seasoned politicians.

Technically, the former vice president was the candidate with the most experience in presidential matters, which may be why he decided to slam Ramaswamy, the candidate with the least experience in Washington.

Ramaswamy managed to brush the comment off and keep his demeanor calm. After another snide remark from Pence, Ramaswamy said they were “just going to have some fun tonight. The author and biotech entrepreneur is doing better in the polls than Pence, despite his lack of political experience. Ramaswamy has also been making the rounds on television and independent media, appearing on Fox and Newsmax like the other candidates but also making podcast appearances such as speaking with Dr. Jordan Peterson and Lex Friedman.

The 38-year-old said in a recent interview that he wouldn’t settle for a vice president position if it were offered to him. According to Ramaswamy, he shares “something in common” with Trump, which is that neither “does well in a number 2 position. Perhaps Pence believes Ramaswamy thinks he’s too good for Pence’s former job.

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